Ashley Mcadam, the tiktok star, loved by thousands of fans is going through a tough phase as her Husband allegedly shot himself. Ashley has reportedly promised all the fans to keep them updated. Although, as an Internet family, I believe we all should understand the position Ashley must be in and give her a healthy space to grief.

On her Tiktok, Ashley has requested her fans to not comment on the videos about the incident and let her process this catastrophic event in her life. She ascertained the fans to return with answers when she’s ready to talk about it.

To us it looks as if she owned multiple accounts and conveyed this message from one of them to her fans. Fans can be seen sending prayers and condolences in the comments and trying to support her through here moments of grief.

After Jay Mcadams shot himself, many fans confused the incident with the recent Mississippi mass shootings. That is not the case and both the incidents stand mutually exclusive.

This incident once again brings the dilemma of mental health in light. Ashley and her husband looked happy in their videos. People suffering inside are almost always difficult to spot and that’s the sad reality of the lives we live today. For some reason, we all find it difficult to express our depressed episodes due to various reasons.

Through D’s Moments Blog, I urge all my readers to seek help for their mental health. It is okay to not feel good and talk about it. We all feel vulnerable and weak at some point and it is essential that at these times we talk about it with people around us.


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