Every day we receive many spam calls, and even if we go into the call history and block that specific number we end up receiving such spam calls. That makes us question why is a blocked number is still calling us. In case, we try to go into the call history to block that number again, the only option seen is “unblock the caller” which means that the number is already blocked. This can be irritating as such numbers keep calling throughout the day and are a source of great disturbance.

There are a couple of reasons why this is happening. Android devices come with an in-built feature that allows users to hide their caller ID making it appear like an anonymous call to the receiver. Blocking such a number is difficult as the phone is unable to recognise the blocked contact. As a result, the blocked number still shows up on call log.

How Can A Blocked Number Still Call You?

If a blocked number is still calling you, then it is completely normal to freak out. Ideally, to cut someone off and stop them from getting in touch with you, through either calls or text, is by using the block feature on our phones. We would like to think that blocking will solve all our issues. But some people are just adamant who don’t mind going lengths, so much as finding technical glitched and loopholes to reach you regardless.

One way to do it is by simply bypassing the “Caller ID” that detects and filters the blocked numbers that try to call you. There are certain carrier service and third party apps which can jump the blocking protocols and help the blocked person establish a telephonic call to your phone number.

There is also something called “ID spoofing” which means that the spammer is using a spoof app that hides their actual number and the one that appears on the receiver’s phone is a fake number. Blocking this number is of no use as it is like blocking a number that does not exist. Thirdly, this may be because the spammer is using an option available with the service carrier which does not allow their number to be blocked.

Well, to anyone a blocked number calling is nothing short of a spooky sight. What can you do when a blocked number calls you? Well, we can try to reinforce the block and follow some other procedures to contain the intruder.

How To Prevent Blocked Number From Calling You?

Let us see how to block a specific number using an Android phone.

1) Navigate to the Phone App> >More options> >Settings>>Block number.

2) You can then mark the number which you wish to block.

Alternatively, you can block the number by going to your call history and tapping on the number which will give you the option of blocking the number. You can still call/text a number that you have blocked.

How To Stock Blocked Number Calling You On iPhone?

1) You first need to check if the phone software is updated.

2) If not, you first need to go to the Settings>> General >>About>> Update.

3) Once your phone software is updated, go to Settings>>Phone>>Blocked contacts.

4) Now you can locate the blocked number or the contact name.

5) If you have not saved the number, you can click on the “Create new contact “option and save it.

6) Then click on the “Edit” button on the top right corner and tap the red “Remove” button next to the number and click on the “unblock” option. 

7) Now restart your device. 

8) Then click on Settings>>Phone>> Blocked contacts. Then tap on “Add new”.

9)Open the contact list and add the contact which you just unblocked. Now it is blocked again.

One point to note is that a blocked number can still send you a voicemail. It is also possible that you may feel that the same number which you blocked is calling you again, but if you look closely the number is very similar to the one you have blocked. Hence, you need to block that number as well. If none of these options work, then you may need to contact your service provider and they will block that number at a carrier level.

If you happen to delete a number that you have previously blocked, the number will remain blocked. Also, if you do not wish to receive calls from a private or anonymous number on your android device, click on the Dialler app>> Settings>>Block number>> Block unknown/private numbers.

How Is A Blocked Number Still Texting You?

Another problem is that despite blocking the calls from a certain number, you will wonder why I am still receiving texts from the blocked number. It is important to note that you need to block the call and message feature separately if you do not wish to receive calls or messages from a particular number. Blocking a number restricts a contact from making a call or sending a text message. 

How To Stop Blocked Number Texting You On iPhone?

To stop receiving messages from a particular number you need to follow these steps.

1) Open Messages, go to Settings, and select the option “block numbers and spam”. 

2) Now select the “block number” option and select the number or conversation which you wish to block and that number will be blocked. Blocked messages will still appear in the “blocked messages” folder.

You can unblock a number by clicking on Phone app>>Settings>>Block number. Now you can unblock the number by tapping the (-) sign in front of it.


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