Do you also see the new “Clear Cache” option on the TikTok app? But do you also, like many other users, not understand what the word cache even mean? More importantly, what will the clear cache option do on TikTok? Why should you be bothered with a word like Cache and what are you expected do about the clear cache on TikTok?


If you can relate to most of these questions, we need to talk more and discuss and decrypt this mystery of cache thing in detail with this article.

What Is “Cache”?

Before we begin to evaluate the function of clear cache on TikTok, it is important that we understand the general meaning of cache.

To put in the simplest of terms, Cache is a collection of temporary files on your phone. Our phone generated these files in the background while we use apps, browse internet, or indulge into other normal usage of phones. But what do our phones use these temporary files for?

They boost up the process of loading apps and other pages that require internet. In other words, websites and apps load significantly faster than they normally would. Cache files act as a shortcut for processing frequently accessed apps & data on the phone.

Why Do We Need To Clear Cache?

Now one might wonder if the cache files make our life so much easier, then why do we have to get rid of them? Because these same cache files when bit by bit start occupying space and accumulate more than a healthy storage space, they start doing the opposite. They slow down your phone. Hence, in order to keep a smooth functioning of phone, a regular cleansing of cache files is necessary.

What Does Cache Mean On TikTok?

In terms of TikTok, cache performs the same task by collecting the media files of videos that you watch. Imagine you see a TikTok video for the first time, it takes a little while to load but gets stores in cache. Now the next time you open the same TikTok, it should start right away.

This is what clearing cache on TikTok will do. I think this should clear the concept for most of us. We should all probably be grateful for caches. So should you clear cache on TikTok? Absolutely yes!

Except for the times when caches become too big and start creating troubles. That’s the time to push reset button and clear the cache. Start afresh with our good old cache that is helpful in nature.

How To Clear Cache On TikTok?

If you’re here you probably have seen the Clear Cache on the TikTok app. But just for the courtesy I’ll list down the steps to clear cache on TikTok.


For iOS Devices

Step 1: Open your profile.

Step 2: Go to the “Me” section.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘3 dots’ in the top right corner.

Step 4: Tap on the “Clear Cache” option.

For Android Devices

Step 1: Open Settings

Step 2: Open Apps/Application Manager

Step 3: Scroll down the list & tap on TikTok

Step 4: Select “Clear Cache”

Clearing cache is objectively a useful lifehack that can keep yourself from cursing your phone. So next time you feel the phone lagging or slowing down, just head over to the settings and clean up the excess cache files.

What Happens When You Clear Cache On TikTok?

Even though the concept of cache is simple to understand, the aftermath of clearing cache can be confusing. There are lots of questions among TikTok users.

Your TikTok Feed Will Reset

Don’t worry, it isn’t as bad as it sounds. This just means that your watch history that remains stored in cache will be wiped out along with other media data. Your profile & personal information will remain untouched during this whole operation.

Your Feed Will Load Faster

If you’ve been experiencing a lag while using the TikTok app, things are about get smooth after deleting the cache files. The cache media library will be rebuilt and used to provide a fluent app experience.

Stored/Liked TikTok Videos Will Not Be Deleted

Most people end up believing that deleting cached file will also clear their stored TikTok videos or their liked videos. That is not the case at all. Only the automatically generated copies of videos and media are deleted.

TikTok Search History Gets Reset

Along with the watch history, the tiktok search history is also deleted once you clear the cached filed. TikTok records and stores your search history in cached files. Clearing the cached files will reset the search history.

Your Phone Will Thank You From Its Heart

While cached files serve a purpose, it is short lived. Hence, a continuous cleansing of cached files can free up unimaginable space in your phone. This freed up space makes a breathing room for the phone to operate. As a result, process run much faster. Photos are rendered quickly, videos are lag free and the overall transitions are fresh.

If you clear cache on TikTok will it delete your drafts or videos or liked videos?

The short answer is no. Clearing cache on TikTok is only going to delete the temporary files stored on your phone. These files contain information like watch history and media files that often improves loading speed on TikTok.

However, some clearing cache on TikTok will bring some changes on your TikTok feed.

In conclusion, clearing cache on TikTok will smoothen up the system a little bit. Any minor bugs or lags existing in the background will be eliminated. just take out sometime in the midst of your scrolling and tap that “Clear Cache” button. Watch fun videos on TikTok, support talented creators that you like reposting their TikToks and be good in the comments.


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