App updates are more common than you ever notice. Most people have their apps on auto update and never seem to care. But for iPad users it has turned into an issue. The new updated version of apps give when tried to download will prompt a message “this app is not compatible with iPad” or “YouTube is not compatible with iPad” or “Netflix is not compatible with iPad”.

I like to keep the number of apps at minimum on my iPhone/iPad. So it is normal for me and many people I know to periodically download apps that they use only once in a while. Like Netflix on iPad/iPad is only used for most people when they are travelling. Rest of the time they just sit and occupy storage and CPU memory. But when you need them and try to download, you often get hit with a message saying “unable to purchase app not compatible with iPad”.

Why Are Apps Not Compatible With iPad?

As I said earlier, apps updates are responsible for these errors. Every year, new technology replaces old in terms of hardware and software. Due to these changes the app developers upgrade their apps to take advantage of these technological enhancements. Due to these app updates the new versions are no longer compatible with the older iPad/iPhone.

How To Download Apps Not Compatible With iPad?

There is a way for you to download Netflix/Youtube in your old iPad dodging the not compatible bullet. We simply have to install the last version of the app that was compatible with your iPad. There are two different scenarios that you could face when trying to install apps not compatible with your iPad.

Download Last Version From Purchased Section

iCould is a saviour for all apple users. We can never thank enough for iCloud. All our downloaded apps, even after we delete them, are saved on our iCloud.

To download apps not compatible with iPad/iPad mini, just go to the Purchased section on App Store and find the app you were trying to download. This time the download will not be interrupted by any error.

download incompatible apps ipad
  1. Go to App Store
  2. Open “Purchased” section for Apps
  3. Find the app you want to download
download incompatible apps ipad
  • Hit the “Cloudy Down Arrow” button
  • If prompted, select “Download”
download incompatible apps ipad

If you cannot find the purchased section, go to your profile first. Some versions of app store have moved “Purchased” from home screen to “Profile” section.

Download Incompatible App From Latest Device

Let’s say you are trying to download an app that does not exist on your iCloud. Then what? Do we give up? Hell no, only if you can get hold of someone with a latest iPad.

Yes, we’re gonna inject the app you want to download in your iCloud using a latest iPad. Then we are going to download the “incompatible app” using your old iPad, because now it exists on your iCloud.

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First crucial step to execute this method is to get hold of a latest iPhone/iPad from a friend/family member.

  1. Sign out of current iCloud from new iPhone/iPad
  2. Sign in using iCloud account that is on your old iPad
  3. Download & install the incompatible app on the new iPhone/iPad
  4. Now open App store on your old iPad
  5. Go to purchased section
  6. You will find the incompatible app here now
  7. Tap on download icon
  8. If asked to download last compatible version, select download again

If everything worked well, you should be able to download and install the incompatible app on your iPad. This is an amazing trickster that has worked for most people I know. The reaction of people after trying this is insane. Even though the error when seen first looks difficult to solve by yourself, a simple maneuver gets the work done.

Now there are other tricks too that you can try. Those will include using an older version of iTunes/App Store to download the older version of apps. That according to me is simply a lengthy procedure trying to achieve the same outcome. It’s like taking the long route.

If nothing works, which I’m pretty sure not going to happen because the two methods I have demonstrated works like 99% of the time for everyone, you can contact the app support. Let’s just admit, none of us likes to got that way. So I’m going to save us the trouble and stick to the only two methods to download incompatible app on iPad that actually are worth your time.


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