Snapchat is already high on turbulence with Snapchat Plus rolling out earlier this week. Millions of Snapchat users login and out of the account everyday. Recently, thousands of Snapchat users complained on Twitter as they got this error while trying to access Snapchat “Due to repeated failed login attempts or suspicious activity, login for your account is temporarily disabled”.

As it turns out, this issue is not country specific. Complaints from users range from across continents. Users from US, Canada, UK & even from South Asian countries like India are facing the issue.

What Is “Due To Repeated Failed Login” Issue On Snapchat?

According to users, they get this error even after putting in the correct username and password. Naturally, users went on to put in their correct credentials despite facing error thinking the last one was just a typo error. However, even after several attempts they got the same error. Finally, this was followed by a temporary disabling of their login activity to secure the account.

Snapchat support handle on Twitter had lot of work to do and users kept on tagging them regarding the issue. Snapchat support also asked for the screenshots to address the issue.

As we speak, the complaints keep flooding in. Yesterday, the Snapchat Support account tweeted that error was successfully solved and that users could reach out to them it still showed. It makes us believe that the “”Due To Repeated Failed Login Attempt” error has still not found a convenient solution. Here’s what it looks like.

How Long Does Snapchat Temporary Lock Last?

The temporary lock activated by Snapchat usually runs out after 24 hours. This is an automatic procedure by Snapchat to keep the users safe from suspicious activity. Hackers and people try to get in Social media accounts unethically all the time. To protect users from such unauthorised access, Snapchat activates a temporary login lock for 24 hours on accounts where such malicious activity is detected.


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