Snapchat is agreeably has a cult of followers. Snapchat streaks and other eccentric features set it apart from other social media apps. So much that the concept of paid app, Snapchat Plus, works just fine for its users. According to Snapchat, these users of Snapchat Plus can enjoy plethora of exclusive features. One such feature is an eye symbol on the Snapchat story views list besides the names.

Some users are themselves confused as to why they are seeing eyeball on their Snapchat story. These eye balls are nothing but the eye emoji on snapchat story views that are a part of Snapchat Plus feature. This snapchat plus feature is called Story Rewatch Indicator.

What Does The Eyes On Snapchat Story Views Mean?

As per the information given on Snapchat Support, the googly eyes on snapchat story views indicates rewatching of story. Yes, for the first time Snapchat Plus users, not the regular Snapchat users, can easily figure out if their Snapchat Story is rewatched by someone with the help of an “Eye” against their name in snapchat story views list.

However, it is very easy to get confused. Snapchat Plus users can easily misinterpret the concept of Story Rewatch Indicator. So we want you to read the next paragraph slowly.

Snapchat Eyes On Bottom Right

These googly eyes are located at the bottom right corner. Against the Eye Emoji on Snapchat Story Views, there will also be a number. This number stand for the how many friends rewatched your story and not how many times your story has been rewatched.

For instance, the number next to the eye emoji is 10. This would simply mean that 10 of your friends rewatched your story. You still do not know how many times these 10 friends rewatched the stories. Maybe some of them rewatched it multiple times and some just twice. I hope this example sets it clear what the Story Rewatch Indicator or Eyes Emoji on Snapchat Story stand for.

Is Snapchat Plus Worth It?

For $3.99 a month, I guess why not. Especially, if you’re a big fan and adherent user of all the snapchat features. If you get excited to see those little emojis next to people, like to track all your Snapchat stories and snapchat friends, then Snapchat Plus is a good spend. Additionally, all the Snapchat Plus users can wear the membership badge on their profile.


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