LinkedIn is the app you should look out for if you are a professional looking to expand your network. However, as we all do know every rose has its thorns. Thus, it might happen that while you are trying to expand your professional journey you might connect with somebody that you don’t wish to connect with. 

You might be assured that LinkedIn is all about professionalism. Unfortunately, even on LinkedIn, we might find some ruthless harassment and solicitation. Well, that is how the blocking features of LinkedIn work in our favour. 

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When you block someone on LinkedIn, you will no longer be able to connect with each other or access each other’s profiles. You should also be aware that LinkedIn permits you to block up to 1,000 users in total. Also, Read-  Pros and Cons of Writing Articles on LinkedIn

Steps To Block Someone On LinkedIn Without Them Knowing

1. If you wish to block someone on LinkedIn, all you need to do is search for the person you want to block. 

2. Then on the profile click on ‘More’ and click on the “Report/Block” option. 

3. Now, just click on the “block” option from inside of the pop-up window.

Note: The person getting blocked will not get any notifications about the activity unless you have shared a LinkedIn recruiter account with the person. 

Once you Block a person, they will still be able to see the information that you have made public. However, if you change your profile settings to private, they will not be able to see anything. 

If blocking is too harsh, you can remove the LinkedIn connection. The person won’t be notified of the removal, so there is no reason for awkwardness. 

Steps To Remove Someone From Connection List

1. Click on View Connections. 

2.  From the list, search for the person that you intend to remove.

3.  Tap on the three buttons on the right of their profile bar and click on Remove Connections. 

Here is how you can remove a connection through your Desktop :

1. Visit Linkedin and log in to your profile.

2. Tap on the My Connections on the top left of your profile.

3 . Search the user you intend to remove.

4. Click on the three dots to the right of their name and click on the Remove Connections.

But if you still believe that people might visit your account and guess from the connection list, that you have unfriended someone; there is an antidote to that as well. Simply hide your connections by selecting the “Settings and Privacy” option. You can easily select the privacy of your connections by clicking on the Visibility tab. You can now select the “Only you” option to restrict everyone’s access to your connections list.

It’s always a little embarrassing for someone to know that you have blocked them on any platform, for that matter.

How To Block Someone On LinkedIn Without Visiting Their Profile?

Step 1–  Open the LinkedIn App, and go on your profile. Tap on your profile.

Step 2– Click on the setting icon. Click on the “Visibility” tab at the top of the page.

Step 3–  Tap on the “Profile Viewing Option”.

Step 4Tap in the “Private Mode” to become anonymous to others. Now click on the “ Private Mode” to become anonymous for the rest of the LinkedIn users. 

Step 5– To your surprise, no one will ever be notified that you have visited their profile, all they will be notified is that someone has visited their profile.

Step 6– And as mentioned above, tap on the person’s profile. Then, tap on the “more” option.

Step 7–  Now select the “ Report or Block” option available at last. Then a pop-up will appear and will ask you if you want to report this profile or if you want to report this image? Now select the “ Report or Block” option, and report or block as per your suitability. 

With the above steps, you can block someone without them knowing the same. Just ensure that blocking is an extreme measure and should be avoided until that is the only way out.

How To Unblock Someone On LinkedIn?

In case you wish to unblock the person on LinkedIn, you can do so by following the instructions below :

1. Open the LinkedIn app on the Desktop and click on the ‘ME’ on the top left option

2. Now, go to the Settings and Privacy bar, and click on the Privacy left sidebar.

3. Aside from the ‘blocking’ option, there is a ‘Change’ option. Click on the ‘Change’ option. Tap to activate it, and hit the ‘unblock’ next to the person that you want to unblock.


These are all the procedures that you need to follow if you wish to block someone on LinkedIn without visiting their profile. Now you will be able to see these people on the blocked list.


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