Making waves popularity among gamer, Nintendo Switch has found a wide audience as a gaming console. Although, with an internal storage space of merely 32 GB, most users struggle to manage their games and the save data. The Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a 64 GB internal storage, but that too isn’t getting you anywhere if you install a couple more games.

Most switch users run across the storage issues within the first few months of getting the new console. With an SD Card, the external storage on Nintendo Switch can be elevated to a whole new level. But for those who cannot go for the SD card, space management becomes the only choice. Deleting save data on switch is probably the easiest way to clean up some storage.

Whether you like it or not, without an SD card, you will have to delete the gaming titles and then reinstall them in future to play again in order to manage storage space on Nintendo Switch.

Why Should You Delete Save Data On Switch?

Save data on Nintendo Switch is quick to fill up those megabytes of data on your internal storage. Most saved files do not occupy large spaces. But if you’re someone who plays lots of demos and completed games left and right, then lots of save data from them tends to accumulate and build up a huge storage block. So if you do not have anything to do with those completed games/demos, deleting that save data will do tremendous good for you.

How To Delete Save Data On Switch?

  1. Go to the Main Menu on your switch
  2. Open “System Setting” from the bottom of screen
  3. Select “Data Management”
  4. Here open “Manage Save Data & Screenshots”
  5. Select “Delete Save Data”

On display will appear a list of games for which the data has been saved. You can go through it and either select the games for which you want to delete save data, or delete all save data at once. When deleted, you will internally feel the data leaving your Nintendo Switch. Moving around up, down, left & right in your Switch will suddenly be more fluent.

How To Transfer Save Data To Another User?

Well friends are useful too sometimes. Yes, you can transfer your save data to your another use’s Nintendo Switch as an alternative of deleting it.

  1. Open Main Menu on Nintendo Switch
  2. Select “System Settings” on the bottom of screen
  3. In “Data Management” select “Transfer Save Data
  4. Select “Transfer Save Data To Another Console”
  5. Select “User” and initiate transfer

In your friend’s Nintendo Switch you will to follow the same procedure. But in the end, you have to select “Receive Save Data”.

How To Delete Games On Nintendo Switch?

Let’s say you want to get rid of this storage problem for good. Then my friend, we have to go for the big fish. Deleting games will definitely free up more space than by going after just save data. First step, however, is to prepare yourself for deleting the games. When you’re past that step, follow the below procedure.

  1. Open the games list on Switch
  2. Scroll and go to the game you want to delete
  3. Press “-” or “+” on your controller
  4. Manage Software>>Delete Software
  5. Or Manage Software>>Archive Software

When you archive the game instead of deleting it, the save data will be kept but the game will be deleted. This means that when in future you download and install the game again, you will be able to use the save data and continue with your progress in the game.


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