We have become a generation of netizens obsessed with social media. Our life is governed to a huge extent by apps like Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Snapchat is an especially popular network amongst new generation. Owing to it’s default disappearing messages feature, users are guaranteed a sense of privacy from anyone snooping on them.

However, due to the same reason it becomes more and more suspicious for parents and people closed to you like boyfriends or girlfriends. Not knowing what must be going on behind those private messaging that will delete forever after viewing once, instills a sense of insecurity for some, and concern for parents. Naturally, the instinct is to figure out their snapchat password and look at what’s going on. But how to figure out someone’s snapchat password without knowing them?

Why Find Out Someone’s Snapchat Password?

Let’s all admit, that it doesn’t matter where this is coming from. Trying to get into someone’s private space is a breach and can land you in trouble, not just legally but also with that person. In case of parents, it is justified to a level while they try to snoop in their underaged kid’s snapchat. To help them out, we will try to discuss some methods that can help you get through with someone’s snapchat password without them knowing.

Disclaimer: This article is solely for educational purposes. Trying to breach someone’s privacy may land you in serious trouble

Change Password Using Forget Password?

To put it in short, you just cannot keep something like a password for someone’s snapchat unless you know them incredibly well. So, the simplest way to do this is by changing their password.

For this, you will need access to either their email (used to register on Snapchat), or their phone. You cannot go ahead with this plan without one of them.

How To Figure Out Their Snapchat Email?

If you have access to their emails, but do not know which email is used to register on Snapchat, it is easy to figure out that part.

Just open their email and search for “Welcome To Snapchat“. This will fetch that very first email we get on successful registration on Snapchat.

Reset Their Snapchat Password

  1. Open Snapchat from your phone
  2. On login screen, tap on “Forgot Password”
  3. Choose to reset password “via phone” or “via email”
  4. Get the verification code and input
  5. Change the password

One fact you need to consider here is that, sooner or later they will come to know about it. When you change the password, they will be logged out of their Snapchat. They will not be able to log in with their old snapchat password and might get to know that someone changed their password.

There is also a flip side to this. There is a good chance that they might not figure out. Most people do not log out of their Snapchat ever. So when they try to log in, it is possible that they might forget their password for real. If not they might end up believing that they indeed forgot their password because the usual one is not working for them, as you changed it. So they will probably go ahead and change their password again.

How To Know Someone’s Snapchat Password Without Them Knowing?

Changing password works, but you have to risk them knowing about it. Sure, they might not be able to figure out that it was you who did it but they will change it again and you will have a short window to work with.

In order to get a good time, you need to get their snapchat password without them knowing. This will not raise any alerts for them and you will be able to check their snapchat account at ease.

Using Third Party Apps

With the growing demand for people wanting to spy on their closed ones, many third party apps have joined the market. These apps can help you gain access to someone’s snapchat account without letting them know about it.

With paid features of these apps, you could even track their snapchat account activities. Most of these apps are for parents to safeguard and keep in check the safety of their children.


Mspy is the most popular online activities tracking application right now. With its premium features you can get access to not only the snapchat, but also the text messages, phone calls and everything else on your kid’s phones.

It is a one stop solution for parents to monitor their kid’s social media activities and protect them from any malicious intents online.

Without Using Third Party Apps

There are plenty different approaches that do not involve using third party apps to obtain someone’s snapchat password. However, these are all tricky and require enormous technical knowledge.

Phishing Links

These are basically links that lead you to a page that looks exactly like an official Snapchat login or security questions page. Except, when the user enters their details like snapchat username and password, they are stored ans sent to you on email.

These links are hard to ignore with texts saying that your Snapchat account is about to be blocked if you do not answer these security questions or that you should change your snapchat password because someone just tried to hack it.

Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are shared and the most easier targets for the hackers. They can literally get in the network and monitor the online activities of users connected. For them, grabbing the login credentials is not a big deal.


There are other numerous third party apps and technical ways to obtain someone’s Snapchat password without them knowing. However, it should be noted that as you keep going into these sort of arenas, it keeps getting dangerous. The above ways we have listed are some of the simplest.


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