Sharing content on social media platforms, out casting your exciting life experiences. Who doesn’t love that? This has become a regular part of our life. But sometimes it can flood you with overwhelming responses. Because, some posts might be for an inner circle/group, that are better kept off from rest of the world. May it be restricting access to relationships, or hiding stuff from your siblings. We like sharing certain things with limited audience. 

Luckily, Social media platforms know their users well. So don’t worry about people lurking & stalking into your lives. There’s a customised solution developed by platforms for this. 

On Snapchat, private stories can achieve this goal for most users. However, controlling and regulating private stories, allowing access to people can be a little tricky. How do you allow certain users only to see your private story on Snapchat? How do you protect it from others? How do you make sure you don’t mess up and allow everyone to see your private Snapchat story? Let’s discuss everything in detail.

What Does Private Story On Snapchat Mean?

You must have seen green circles around people’s story on Instagram. That is a close friends group. Where, only a limited people can see that story. The list of course managed by the person adding the story. 

Similarly, Snapchat introduced this feature called “Private Story”, which lets you confine your viewership. You can create a group/list of people for this private story. 

Yet, there may be times when you want to edit this circle or group of people. So, don’t worry if want to change that. Snapchat allows its users to edit who can view their private stories and it’s pretty easy. Your niece could go about it in minutes. 

It may often happen that your private snapchat story may disappear and for reasons not known to you. But content not falling inline with the guidelines is usually the reason behind it.

How To Allow Private Story Access On Snapchat?

A series of simple steps listed below will guide you how to do it: 

  • Tap your bitmoji icon on the upper left, under “My Stories”, you will find “Add to (Name of your private story)”. 
  • Tap the 3 horizontal dots, next to the private story you want to edit: 
  • Tap “See viewers” option
  • Here, select the people you want to add/remove from your private story
  • Click the “Save” option

And your list of viewers for the private story has updated. Alternatively, you can also see in the viewers list the people who have viewed your story to keep a check. The viewers list, however, does not show if someone has viewed your story more than once.

No notifications are sent to users when you initiate access to your private stories for them. They will not know the difference if the story they saw was private or normal. Your private story will not be tagged for the users to recognise in any manner. Even if you add just one person to your private story, they will not know about it.

If at any point of time you wish to see who all joined your private story on Snapchat, you can simply edit the access list. While adding people to access your private story, you might miss touch the names leading to the wrong users landing in your private story list. So it is important to keep checking your private story list regularly, as private stories tend to contain sensitive content.

How To Tell If Someone Left Your Private Story?

No notifications are sent by Snapchat when people leave your private Snapchat Story. The easiest way to tell if someone left your private story on Snapchat is to observe the viewer’s list. One more way is to try and add that person on your private story again. If they’re available to add again, it means they definitely left your private story.

What Is A Custom Story On Snapchat?

A custom story is like a private story but your friends can comment and add to your custom story. They are great way to connect with friends & share each other’s everyday happenings. 

Allowing you to restrict your privacy by grouping people. Although, the group members can see each other. The creator can also delete the stories if they want to, so you take down a story by other member if you may. Like a regular story, snaps disappear after 24 hrs. The feature comes in handy to share different things with different audiences. 

Snapchat introduced this feature as a natural evolution from its geofenced sticker business. It lets you create customised stickers for events, birthdays, weddings, etc. With intensified competition from Instagram, Snapchat rolled out this feature to rope in new users. 

Marketers have shaped custom stories as an effective tool. They create groups in events to create hype, add highlights & allow people to see the happening. Generally the attendees are members of the story, who put up snaps and videos of the event. 

Snapchat creates a 1-Block geofence around your current location. So, you can also invite nearby Snapchat friends or from any part of the world. 

How To Create A Custom Story On Snapchat?

Creating a custom story is simple which will hardly takes 5 mins. 

The process is quite like creating a private story. Here’s how you can do it: 

  • Tap your bitmoji icon on the upper left, besides “My Stories”, you will find “+ New Story”. 
  • Tap New Custom Story
  • Select people you want to add your custom story group. Remember, they can add to or comment on your story.
  • Tap Create Story and you’re almost done! 
  • A prompt message to give a name to your New Custom Story will appear. 

You can scroll and see the people you’ve added on the top row. You can add as many friends as you want. 

You can find this new story under “My stories”. Tap on it and

Now start adding stories and sharing moments with your groups. Don’t forget,  you can always edit the members in your group. Just tap the 3 dot on the custom story and edit the member list.


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