Snapchat Plus is the brand new phenomenon in the world of Social Media. For the very first time a paid version of Social Media has inflected users in a rather polarised manner. Ghost Trails on Snapchat Plus, is a feature mildly responsible for part of the negative mood.

Ghost Trails is a premium feature on Snapchat Plus that allows premium subscribers to track the location of their friends in the past 24 hours. Now it isn’t all that simple as it sounds. Few restraints are still in the place that regulate this supposedly “stalking like” feature.

What Is Ghost Trail On Snapchat Plus?

Ghost Trails is an exclusive members only feature for the Snapchat Plus users. With Ghost Trails, one gets access to the location of their friends in the past 24 hours. This means every location they have been to, will be illuminated in the snap map with a yellow trail, almost like it does in Google Maps. It is important to mention that you can see such ghost trails of your Snapchat friends, only if they have allowed their location access.

Furthermore, for the yellow ghost trail to be visible your snapchat friends must have the most recent version of Snapchat installed in their phone. It goes without saying that they must also belong to a country where Snapchat+ is available.

How To See Ghost Trails On Snapchat Plus?

Before you begin, make sure that you have Snapchat+ activated and running.

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Slide to open Snap Map
  3. Tap on the bimoji of any user
  4. The lit yellow line is Ghost Trail

You may not see some users’ Ghost Trails if they have not allowed their location access on Snapchat, or due to some other reasons that we discussed earlier.

ghost trails on snapchat

To toggle your own Ghost Trail Mode you need to visit Snapchat profile. Under Snapchat Profile, there will be an option to Turn On/Off Ghost Trail mode.

When Ghost Trail is turned On, your location starts getting tracked for the next 24 hours. To clear your ghost trail you can turn it Off and back ON. Post 24 hours the Ghost Trail will reset automatically.

Subsequently, if you have seen some googly eyes on Snapchat story it is because of a new feature on Snapchat Plus called Story Watch Indicator.

Is Ghost Trail On Snapchat Dangerous?

There’s always two sides to the coin. With the ability to Turn Ghost Trail Off on your will, it is completely under the user’s control to make it available for their Snapchat friends or not.

On the flip side, it could be used as a safety feature by allowing your Ghost Trail to your trusted friends and family. As far fetched as it may sound, in case of trouble, Ghost Trails could be used by them to reach you and probably end up saving your life.

The key here is to use feature in moderation. Understanding the constraints associated with the Ghost Trail is also essential to prevent misuse of the feature.


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