Turning on the Apple TV without remote can be tricky. Especially because there are no buttons at all on the Apple TV box. All the normal televisions and smart TVs have a power button, that can be used to switch it on/off. On the Apple TV, however, all the operations are performed using the special Apple TV remote which looks incredibly cool with its minimalistic feel. But here’s all we need to know to turn on apple tv without remote.

Apple TV Remote

Most people who have apple tv prefer to keep it in the centre of their living room. It becomes a hotspot for watching the latest tv shows and movies. With a proper sound system, a good setup can give the movie theatres a run for money. But there are times when you will, like all humans, loose the apple tv remote in some corner of your home.

When even after searching through the place for an hours you will not find the remote, at that point this article by us will help you restore some peace. Yes, basically turning on the apple TV, not many know, can be done without the remote.

How To Turn On/Off Apple TV Without Remote?

First we need to make sure that the HDMI channel on your TV is correctly selected against the HDMI cable plugged into the Apple TV. Once we are sure of this, we can move ahead.

  1. Unplug the HDMI cable from you Apple TV.
  2. Unplug the power cable that connects to your TV.
  3. Connect the HDMI cable again to the Apple TV.
  4. Plug in the power cable to restore power.

You should see the Apple logo on your TV shortly. You have successfully turned on the apple tv without remote. But now, we also need to be able to operate it. Otherwise, what good will turning on do, right?

Use iPhone/iPad As Apple TV Remote

Once you have turned on the Apple TV, you can then use any other Apple device like iPhone or iPad as a virtual remote.

  1. Go to App Store
  2. Download Apple TV Remote app
  3. Open Apple TV Remote app
  4. Select “Add Apple TV”
  5. Enter the 4 digit verification code shown on TV
  6. iPhone will soon be paired with Apple TV

Once paired, the remote app on iPhone will behave exactly as an Apple TV remote is supposed to. If you do want to safeguard yourself from such occurrences, then you can activate Home Sharing. With Home Sharing, in absence of apple TV remote your iPhone will immediately connect to Apple TV as a remote.

How To Activate Home Sharing On Apple TV For iPhone/iPad?

  1. Turn on Apple TV
  2. Open Settings
  3. From the list select “Users & Accounts”
  4. Here, open “Homesharing”
  5. Connect your apple account with TV to activate Homesharing
  6. Enter your apple ID & password
  7. Once done, Homesharing will be activated

Please do not forget to make sure that iPhone is using the same apple account that you used to activate Homesharing. If you go ahead and open the apple tv remote app on iPhone, you will find that it will automatically connect to the Apple TV.

How To Use iPhone As Remote For Apple TV?

On your iPhone screen will be displayed a Menu at the bottom with blank screen in the rest area, that will act as a trackpad much like your Apple TV remote.

  1. To move the cursor right or left, just slide on the iPhone screen to the right or to the left. Up and down will follow the exact same protocol.
  2. To click on anything on TV, just tap on the centre of trackpad on iPhone.
  3. Rather than using the virtual keyboard on TV, simply type the text on your iPhone while trying to use a search bar.

How To Turn On Apple TV With Remote?

I’m assuming that the Apple TV you have right now is the latest version. For the older version it could be a little different.

  1. Press & Hold the “Home Button” on your apple TV remote.
  2. From the Control Center, select “Sleep”.

With the remote, everything gets super easy and simple. You can achieve the same result using another way also.

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list & select “Sleep”

How To Set Timer To Turn Off Apple TV?

Leaving the TV on to attend to urgent errands or a phone call from friend is common. But this results waste of electricity as the TV remains ON. To avoid this like a good citizen of planet earth, you can set a sleep timer for Apple TV.

  1. Open Settings from home screen
  2. Open General under Settings
  3. Select “Sleep After”

You can select the time duration from 15 minutes to Never. I generally prefer to keep 15 minutes as it seems to be a fair amount of time post which I will probably want the TV to not wait for me and just sleep.


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