Sendit is something new and cool in the town these days. Everyone is trying to get their hands on and do a Sendit on Snapchat. Most people don’t even know what it exactly is but these days people try to absorb things hands on. So in case you too want to experiment the new AR based Snapchat add on, Sendit let’s move.

What Is Sendit On Snapchat?

First things first, what the hell is Sendit On snapchat? Well, Sendit is an AR (augmented reality) based anonymous social networking app that allows Snapchat users to interact with each other anonymously. Sendit is integrated in the Snapchat app as an addon and can only be used and accessed using on Snapchat. It is exclusively developed for Snapchat. This is different from other apps that let your as anonymous questions on snapchat.

On this AR based apps, are plethora of interactive games like “Truth or Dare” & “Never Had I Ever” which engages the Snapchat users into questions and answers type of arrangement with their identities being anonymous. This means the questions asked are anonymous and the answers received in response also do not have identities attached to them.

Apparently, anything anonymous makes it a lot more exciting and interesting for the users. The thrill of not knowing who wrote it and the ability to send out a thought without the judgements being attached to your identity is seemingly empowering.

Is Sendit On Snapchat Anonymous?

Yes, any and every activity performed by users including all the games on Sendit is anonymous. The names or usernames of Snapchat users are kept hidden all the time. Major part of the Sendit app is games based on questions and answer protocol. This involves users put out questions depending on certain games for the users to answer anonymously.

No one is able to see the usernames of anyone while playing any game on Sendit. The games involve AR features that make them appealing and attractive for the users. The folks at Sendit probably know or keep a tab on the usernames interacting, but I believe they do anything with that data.

The minimum age required for you to use Sendit is 17. As of now, the Sendit addon has gained over 3.5 million installations by Snapchat users on iOS & android.

How To Use Sendit On Snapchat?

  1. Go to App Store
  2. Search for Sendit
  3. Download & install the Sendit app
  4. Agree to the permissions by Snapchat

Since this is an exclusive app for Snapchat, during installation your snapchat account will be connected to the Sendit app. You can choose to either show or not show your bitmoji.

Once installed, open the Sendit app, and select the game you want to play from “See Games” for asking questions.

After choosing the game you can edit the text and replace it with the question you want to ask. You can be as creative as possible with these questions.

With a proper question and game selected, you are ready to tap on the “Share” button at bottom. This will open up the Snapchat app where you can click a selfie as a background of your question asked.

Next, you can tap on”Send to” and select where you want to publish your Sendit question. You can send it to everyone on your list or even select certain users.

Soon after sending, you will start receiving responses to your questions. To see these responses, you can open the Sendit app and on the top right corner select “Inbox”. All your messages received in response to your questions will be listed here.

How To Answer Sendit Questions Sent By Others?

When other snapchat friends of your send you questions using Sendit, they ware also collected in the inbox. You can open the Sendit inbox and see all the unanswered questions. Once you answer the questions, they will then be stored separately in the inbox.

When you click on the “answer” after opening the question, you are taken to the Snapchat. Here you can add a little video or selfie along with your answer. After answering, you can also post it on your story.

Wrapping Up

Sendit has received a good from snapchat users. Its anonymous features is what makes the users want to try it out. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat does not have an indigenous feature to host ask me anything. But with Sendit app now snapchat users can also leverage the augmented reality features in the ask me anything kind of posts.


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