Instagram updates are extremely common, especially due to the new features being added and refined over the time. Recently, Instagram rolled out an update post which users have reported issues with their messages turning black.

Why are my messages on Instagram black? asked and freaked so many of users on twitter. While trying to read and reply to the DMs, the messages reportedly appeared as a strange black box leaving them unreadable.

Apart from stories and scrolling feed, DMs are probably the next most engaging page on the Instagram app. Imagine being engaged into a deep conversation with someone special, or enjoying a fun meme sharing session with friends and suddenly you see the messages on Instagram begin to turn black.

What Does Black Messages/DM Mean On Instagram?

Black messages on Instagram are nothing but a bug which causes the messages to turn into a black box making users unable to read the text.

But why is all of this happening? Why are Instagram messages black in the DMs?

The recent update seems to have messed up the DM/messaging feature of Instagram. Due to the technical glitch, the messages on Instagram for some users show random errors. Nothing in specific is wrong with your phone, app or internet. It is simply a bug which is most certainly can be expected to be fixed soon with another update.

How To Fix Black Strip On Messages In Instagram?

Well, to be honest there’s nothing we all can do about it. Instagram will soon catch up with the issue given the uproar on Twitter, and fix the black strip on DM thing.

Instagram Showing Old Posts On Feed

Well, turns out DM is not the only victim of the latest Instagram bug today. In a recent developments, many users have vented that heir Instagram feed is showing old posts. I myself have seen this happening on my Instagram feed. I believe this has to do with the same update that messed up Instagram DMs.


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