The latest Instagram update seems to have created up a lot of chaos today. Earlier today, users complained about their Instagram messages turning black. Now, we are seeing people getting their old Instagram posts on the feed.

Not even kidding guys, I have myself faced this issue. While scrolling the Instagram feed and trying to reload by pulling down the feed, a list of old old Instagram post was shown to me and many other users.

Here’s a user trying to connect with others who might be facing the same issue.

Why Is Instagram Showing Old Posts?

The latest Instagram update has some bugs, due to which the Instagram feed is displaying a series of old posts to users. The issues is expected to be fixed soon when Instagram takes notice of the technical glitch going on right now.

What Instagram Users Are Saying?

This user even saw posts dating back as much as 2 weeks on their feed.
Another user confirms the old Instagram posts on feed as old as 2 weeks.

It seems Twitter is the place where users of Instagram go to complaint and reaffirm the issue. Everyone is on the same page and many users have confirmed Instagram showing old post being an issue. Due to the huge number of users being affected, it is more likely to be a bug sent out along with an Instagram auto update.

This also goes on to show how so many people prefer to have their apps update automatically. Consequently, this also helps in detecting an issue like this quickly as everyone reacts to it together.


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