I see the havoc among LG smartphone users. So many have gone mad since 24 hours as their screen flashed a message “Unfortunately LG IMS has stopped”. The IMS service has crashed in a similar manned before 2 years ago. Currently all the smartphone screen powered by the LG IMS seem to have been affected with the issue. We’re here to discuss all the reasons for which your phones keeps saying LG IMS keeps stopping and look actively for a solution.

Why Has LG IMS Stopped Working?

Why does my phone says Ig IMS keeps stopping? As we speak, the majority users affected by the issue at hand belong to the T-Mobile customers. Looking at the patter there also seems to be some common grounds in terms of the model used by users facing the LG IMS keeps stopping issue. If we were to believe the word going around in the tech community, the issue seems to be at the core level. IMS services have taken a serious hit due to some technical glitch. No timeline has been announced as of now for the resolution of the lg IMS crash.

How To Fix “LG IMS Have Stopped Working”?

I would like to credit this user who tried something that turned out to be a quick fix for the problem. Although this won’t solve all of the problem completely, you will be able to make and receive calls/texts.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select “Apps & Notifications>>App Info”
  3. Select 3 dots in the top right corner
  4. Tap on Show System>>com.lge.ims.rcsprovider 
  5. Under this move to storage
  6. Clear cache
  7. Clear Data
  8. Force Stop

The very essential part of this process now, is to repeat the steps from 6 to 8 repeatedly. Not necessarily in the same order. You could delete the data first and then cache, or even force stop on first after clearing one of the two (Cache/Data). Upon iterating this process several time, some users were able to get rid of the message “LG IMS has stopped working”.

TikTok Repost Not Working

Interestingly, many people, not all, reported this method to be working for them. While I like how everyone has found a way to make this issue go away themselves, I should also put it out that if you wish to try this, do it at your own risk. Glitches are hard to understand even for some experienced technical professionals. So there is always a possibility for things to go south.

Is Rebooting The Phone A Solution?

Not today. It works for most of the issues almost all the time but unfortunately, not today. As a reflex, majority users have tried to restart their phones to tackle the issue with no success. Evidently, rebooting is not going to solve the LG IMS issue.

Hence, you could either try the above method to fix LG Ims has stopped working, or wait for the LG to fix this issue on their end.


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