Cats by nature are kind of frisky species. They don’t spare any chance to investigate things around them by either biting, chewing or messing around with in their own unique way. However, cats biting your phone on a regular basis is a lot telling of the situation. One could draw few inferences and can easily narrow down on the issue with some observation and trials.

The very particular reason we can infer from the cat biting your phone is the attention it seeks from you. It is very normal for us to be hinged on our phones for most part of the day. Cats, as we all know are not as clingy as dogs all the time. But when they do want your affection, they will snatch it out of you.

They Don’t Want To Share Your Attention With Phone

If they notice you being too clingy with your phone, it is completely normal for them to see the phone as a competition. Feeling deprived of the attention and craving for your affection, it could a natural instinct for your cat to bite your phone. In doing this, not only does your cat gets you to attend to them but also feels a sense of priority.

Cats are considered to be fairly smart species as far as pets are concerned. I think some of the videos on social media where in cats try to make their way through difficult obstacles setup by the owners, is a testament to that fact. Getting your attention when they want is a non negotiable for them. Anyone standing in the way, in this case your phone, can bear their brunt.

They’re Just Trying To Play

Cats are moody creatures. When you keep sticking to your phone, they might not take it well. In an attempt to play with you regardless, they might have their go at your phone. Naturally this might come across as annoying since we’re all fond of our scrolling sessions on social media. To the cats, this exact reaction makes their task easier, gets our attention. In reality, all they are looking for is love and affection from you over that phone.

The Phone Cover Might Be Attractive To Your Cat

Phone covers as we all know are extremely attractive and shiny these days. To the cats, these shiny objects can easily turn into an object of fascination. You can’t keep the cat away from what it likes for too long. Hence, this could also explain the constant biting of your phone by cat.

Cat Recognises Your Scent On Phone

Pet animals like cat have extremely good smelling sensations. They tend to instantly connect different scents to their origins. When we use objects like our phone on a daily basis, some part of our natural scent gets deposited on them. Cats can easily recognise these scent and connect it to us leading to them messing up and playing with phones apart from us.

How To Stop Your Cat From Biting Your Phone?

  1. The best way to discourage certain actions of your pets is by repeatedly teaching them about bas behaviours. This is a method that most pet owners start to imbibe in their pets from early age. Upon constantly treating your cat at good behaviour, it is likely that your cat will stop biting your phone.
  2. Using cat repellant sprays on your phone is another way to get your cat to stop biting your phone. While keep the cat away, they smell good to humans making it a convenient product to use.

Although there are many other things that your cat will try to do with your phone. For instance, sitting on your phone, biting the phone especially when you’re talking to someone on call, or even biting just the corners of your phone. While most of them could be random occurrences, frequent instances can only hint towards them trying to get hold of your focus. If there’s anything weird your cat does with your phone, please share with us.


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