June is celebrated as the “Pride Month” each year, and that would be pretty evident considering there is a massive mass marching together with rainbow-coloured flags on the streets. Don’t forget to be a part of one, love and kindness are always free!

Although love, self-acceptance, and equality should be respected every day. We often tend to forget that. And thus, June has become the month that, at large, is considered the month of envisioning equal love and respect for the LGBTQ+ community all over the world. If you’re wondering why June was chosen, it’s because on a pretty rebellious morning in June 1969, members of the LGBT community at The Stonewall Inn in New York City decided to defy the aggression of a dictatorial police force.

These months are generally observed to spread more and more awareness amongst the people, especially the purists, towards being more accepting and in favour, making the society more kind towards each other.

What Does Rainbow Circle Mean On Instagram?

With the advent of Social Media, people have found a great medium to communicate their thoughts and let them reach the entire world. And no matter how much we criticise social media, we might as well accept the reality that this has made us attain more and more people while just being on the screen.

And while, communities are gathering together and parading on the streets with their favourite sign boards and paint on their faces, singing in unison. People are using their voices to spread awareness through social platforms as well.

In times such as these, apps try their very best to inculcate features that are in pursuance of the recent trends, to be more representative. Instagram has thus launched one such feature, considering that Pride Month has begun, and people would use Instagram as the medium to talk about it. Kudos to understanding the importance of inclusivity, both with people and the features.

You might recall Instagram’s colourful rainbow Pride feature was first introduced in 2018, along with rainbow-coloured hashtag phrases and hearts.

And might we add, pride features are back again and it is a fun and colourful way to get involved during the month-long celebration of LGBTQ+ communities. Not to forget that there are various other ways to depict your involvement, however, if you want to head start with putting up a story and wondering how to get a rainbow circle on Instagram that is available on a lot of stories, you need a refresher on how to get the sticker: Here’s what you need to get you started on your Pride-themed IG.

How To Put A Ring Around Instagram Story?

There are various ways to light up your Story with a pride rainbow.

You can also use any of the Pride Month hashtags in your stories or even as a post. While putting the hashtags, you can witness the hashtags turning into rainbow colours.

This started back when the rainbow Story circle was launched in 2019 when Instagram partnered with non-profit GLAAD to identify the hashtags like #lgbtq, #bornperfect, #equalitymatters, and #accelerateacceptance that was used by LGBTQ+ communities.

For 2022, Instagram also consulted the National Center for Transgender Equity (NCTE) that hashtags are representative of everything. You can also use the new hashtags in towns like #genderqueer, #gayvisibility, #twospirit, and #pride2022. These and several other hashtags used in IG Stories will still transform the rainbow ring around your Story icon and turn it into a colourful makeover.

The hashtags are:








If you haven’t seen it before, it means that when you hashtag words such as these, they will come up as a rainbow gradient rather than plain black text, to symbolize the rainbow colours on the Pride flag.

Instagram Pride Stickers 2022

“Pride Love” is a rainbow heart from Pride Love, a merger of the pride flag and the transgender flag.
“Show Your Pride”, what we call it, is a pair of rainbow sunflower sunglasses and eyes with one eye open and one eye closed.

If you are wondering how to put up a story with the rainbow to show your support, we have got you covered:

  • Open the story-adding feature on your Instagram
  • Add the picture that you want to post to your story
  • Open the sticker section of the Instagram story, and use any of the six stickers on the picture you want to post, from the smiley on the top right.
  • Using any one of these stickers will enable the rainbow ring around your profile picture.
  • Get a rainbow around your Instagram story
    (Source: Instagram)

Although putting up a story seems just like an iota of contribution, if cumulated it can have a huge impact as a whole. And thus, no matter how small or big our contribution is, just the very intention matters.

And all of us here are responsible to ensure that each person has an equal opportunity to love and respect.

Happy Pride Month and let us all love without any bars! 🙂


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