From social media to bank accounts and everything else in between, we have so many accounts online. With these many accounts, it is only human to forget passwords. Every website and app has a different criteria for strong passwords. So without a good password manager, a normal human is bound to forget password every now and then. Same goes for Snapchat. If you have forgot your Snapchat password, we will explain you a detailed process to reset Snapchat password without email or phone number.

How To Reset Snapchat Password If you Forgot?

Forgetting social media passwords is very easy because none of us ever logs out of Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. Do we? But sometimes, either by mistake or due to some reason we end up logging out of our Snapchat. What follows next is us, staring straight at the logins screen trying to remember password that has lost deep down inside our braincells.

Snapchat Password Reset Without Email

Well, if we just stop trying to remember and look at the Snapchat login screen we will find a “Forgot Password” link. Normally, when you click on the “Forgot Password” you will be prompted with a choice “Via Phone”

Do not forget to check if your phone has an active cellular network. You will further get a choice of getting a verification code via text or phone.

Punch in the verification code and you will see a screen to input your new password.

Snapchat Password Reset Without Phone

If you happen to not have your phone around, then you can reset your password through email too. Just make sure to have your registered email open on a desktop/laptop.

Once you select “Forgot Password”, this time select “via email”. Within second you will receive a verification code on your registered email. Punch in this code and you will see a screen to enter your new Snapchat password.

How To Reset Snapchat Password Without Phone/Email [Both]

Well, let’s you do not have access to your phone and you also have no clue which email you have used to register your snapchat account. Now, this is tough but we got some tricks that can work if you’re lucky.

Finding Registered Email

So in order to find your registered email, we need you to open and log into all your emails that you could have possibly used. Next we initiate a search for the “Snapchat Welcome” email that you receive when you first create an account.

To do this, simply use the search bar on Gmail, or any other email you could’ve used. Use terms like “Snapchat Welcome”, “Snapchat Account”, “Snapchat Confirmation”.

These terms will most likely find return the Snapchat emails if present on your email lists. Once we find the email used to register snapchat account, simply go back and follow the procedure to reset snapchat password using email verification code.

Use Google Password Manager

Well this is creepy but Google has been saved our most accessed accounts’ password for us in the background. In such cases, Google password manager could turn handy. Although, this may only work for people who on a regular basis, use Google ecosystem.

Open your device settings, and select Google. Here, open the Google Account Manager, and move to security tab. Under security tab, if you scroll down a little bit you will find “Password Manager”. If you’re lucky, you will find email and password both for your snapchat account.

Contact Snapchat Support

If nothing from the above seems to work, we gotta reach out for the headquarters. Snapchat support can only help you any further. They might ask for some verification details to confirm you’re not trying to hack into someone else’s snapchat account, and that this is your own account. In most cases, if you can provide with the necessary verification details, Snapchat will help you restore the account and even change to a new password.

How To Change Snapchat Password If You’re Logged In?

Sometimes, people feel fishy and decide to change their passwords. I do that too, always follow your gut. In fact, changing your passwords regularly is a healthy way to manage your digital ecosystem.

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Under My Account, select “Password”
  4. Tap on “Forgot Password”
  5. Get your verification code, via phone or email
  6. Put in the code and change your password

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