It won’t be wrong to implicate that Snapchat propelled a revolutionary boost in selfie culture as we know today. With different filters, especially the dog filter, Snapchat gave everyone fun way of clicking selfie photos.

But what happens when the front camera on Snapchat stops working. The core module of Snapchat lies in the front camera which forms a major chunk of snaps and stories by users. How do you fix the Snapchat front camera not working issue?

Why Snapchat Front Camera Won’t Work?

There can be multiple reasons why the Snapchat camera is not working. Hardware issues with the front camera itself can affect it’s working not only on Snapchat, but on any app trying to access camera.

Technical software bugs can hamper the switch between the rear and front camera functionality, leading to the failure of front camera. Some permissions could create obstacles for Snapchat to access the front camera making it the root cause.

In some rare cases, the Snapchat app itself could be infected with a glitch that could temporarily hamper the front camera. With basic troubleshooting steps, some of these issues are fixable while others are just beyond our control.

How To Fix Snapchat Front Camera Not Working?

Check Camera Permissions For Snapchat

Privacy is a grave concern, due to which the permissions are now much more vigilant. There’s a good chance that a blocked camera access is perpetuating the Snapchat front camera issue.

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Android Users

To check and allow camera access to Snapchat on android,

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Apps & Notifications >> All Apps
  3. Select Snapchat
  4. Under Permissions >> Enable Camera Access

iPhone Users

To check and allow camera access to Snapchat on iPhone,

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll and open Snapchat
  3. Enable Camera & Microphone

Snapchat front camera will start working if the permissions were denied before. If not, then try rest of the fixes.

Clear Snapchat Cache

Frequently used apps like Snapchat, tend to collect Cache. Often this cache will clog processing memory and generate application lags. Clearing the cache is a harmless and routine troubleshooting protocol for inconsistencies like front camera abruptly not working on Snapchat.

For Android Users

To clear cache on Snapchat on android,

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Apps & Notifications >> All Apps
  3. Open Snapchat
  4. Hit Clear Cache

For iPhone Users

To clear cache on Snapchat on iPhone,

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Open Settings
  4. Scroll down to account options
  5. Clear Cache

Once the cache is deleted, Snapchat app will restart. Snapchat front camera will start working if the cache had been a culprit. If not, you can try further fixes.

Update Snapchat To The Latest Version

All apps, including, Snapchat keep on releasing new updates. These updates contain updates to new features and bug fixes to problems reported by users. The snapchat front camera not working could very well be a system bug.

Just go to the app store and check for Snapchat. If you see an update option, it means that you are using an older version of the Snapchat. The new version is more likely to have front camera issue fixed.

Delete & Reinstall Snapchat App

This is such an old school trick, yet surprisingly effective. Nothing fixes tech stuff more than a complete reset. Simply offloading the Snapchat app and then reinstalling it can do wonders and fix the front camera issue.

Instead of uninstalling Snapchat from the screen icon, offload the app from Settings. Do not worry, the data & documents like memories stored on Snapchat will not go away. Once you reinstall and login to your account, all of it will be retrieved automatically.

Wait For Snapchat To Fix The Bug

If nothing has worked yet, it is safe to assume that nothing is wrong with from your end. Snapchat servers are app are definitely acting weird and will probably be fixed by them soon. Snapchat servers could be under maintenance due to which the front camera may be down.


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