Snapchat private stories are undoubtedly the new hot thing in the town. But have you ever faced faced a weird mental crisis or gone mad because your private story on Snapchat disappeared? Do you fail to understand why such a big social media app would behave in this manner? I know you want to answers and trust me it is very logical.

As a generation of Internet junkies, we’re too attached to our social media identities. One is bound to get puzzled and confused when these apps, Snapchat in this case, go nuts for a moment and fail to perform functions they’re supposed to. Snapchat users recently took to twitter and other forums to complaint that their private stories are gone.

Snapchat Private Stories

To give some context, Snapchat private stories are different from normal stories in a way that the users get to regulate who gets to see their private stories. Only people allowed access via users can see the user’s private stories. Panic ridden snapchat users reached out for support to understand the issue. Private stories are more likely to contain sensitive photos or videos of users and it is important to keep a track on who views those stories. Understandably, it isn’t much of a shock that users began to worry about it.

private story on snapchat disappeared

Snapchat support account on twitter officially acknowledged the issue and tweeted “Hang tight, we’re looking into it!” Short while after, they tweeted again announcing the successful rectification of snapchat private stories disappearing.

Did Snapchat Purposely Delete Your Private Story?

To us it seems like a technical bug that must have led to issue. Snapchat upon getting the light of the matter must have put their tech team at work to analyse and fix the issue. In an event of any such happenings, snapchat users are recommended to write directly from the app to the Snapchat Support. Or they could even tweet to the Snapchat Support account on Twitter. Snapchat has been extremely responsive on Twitter as well.

Flagged inappropriate content can also lead to the removal of your private snapchat story. Possibility of your viewers flagging the content cannot be ruled out. Malicious or unsafe links are also tracked by Snapchat AI, presence of which could explain the removal of your private snapchat story.

Reasons Why Your Snapchat Private Story Could Be Removed?

  1. Too many of your followers have probably flagged/reported your story. When there are repeated reports and red flags from followers on a particular story, Snapchat is obliged to check in and take actions. If during the course of check up, the content of your story is found to be fishy, Snapchat could very well deleted your story resulting in its disappearance form your profile.
  2. You have link in your story that might not be safe to redirect the users. AI have gotten smart and they are literally scanning content 24×7 for malicious or non-safe links/content being posted on social media. Removal of your private snapchat story upon detection of one such inappropriate links is another reason.

Plan of Action If Your Story Gets Removed?

Uploading & posting the private story again is the simplest of things you could do. However, a removal of your private story for the second time warrants an inspection from your side. There’s clearly some content in your private story that might be against the content guidelines of Snapchat. Repeated detection & deletion of stories due to content guidelines can even result in an account suspension. Hence it is best to take a break and try later.


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