While Tiktok itself has is insanely popular and a highly engaging platform for content creators and viewers, the Tiktok live is probably the place where users and creators are found engaging in an environment as close as it can get. Some folks rooting for metaverse might be rooting for a revolution in that statement. Interaction between creators and their followers happens through comments for the most part. In some instances, the TikTok users have reportedly complained about their comments turning grey on tiktok live.

Woes of TikTok Users

It wasn’t until last Saturday, when a friend of mine who uploads tiktok on a daily basis came to me with this weird message that one of her followers sent. The follower seemed to be perplexed due to their comments during tiktok live being turned gray and them not knowing the reason behind it. If I were to take an educated guess, there’s a clear chance of the comment not going through the tiktok live all together.

TikTok live has a completely another level of dynamic when compared to normal TikTok videos that can be first store in TikTok drafts. Everything on TikTok live is spontaneous which leaves no room for either saving or deleting TikTok drafts. Moreover, TikTok lives can also not be reposted unlike normal TikTok videos.

Why Are My Tiktok Live Comments Gray?

Tiktok, at the core of it, is an internet application that exists on some server somewhere in the world. One thing about the servers that most common users, not as much averse to the concept of how apps & websites work on internet, fail to understand is that these servers sometime undergo downtime due to various reasons. As a result of which, users of certain region in the world may experience a lag in the services of apps like tiktok. In this case, comments turning grey on tiktok live.

If we’re attributing the issue of comment to the connectivity between user and the tiktok server, we cannot rule out the possibility of user’s internet connection being the culprit. It might very well be the case the the comment on tiktok live did not even hit the doors of tiktok servers because it never took off due the poor internet connection on user’s phone.

Despite trying to figure this out with all my knowledge, my friend still had a theory that involved the gray comment on tiktok live resembling something, maybe a feature tiktok must be trying or testing. While it does seem like an interesting thought, it doesn’t make as much sense to me. There’s just no grounds for a random comment on tiktok live to appear in grey. Besides it also does not make any aesthetic sense for a designer to allow this.

Hence, the only possible way to explain tiktok live comments going gray is the connectivity issue either from on the end of tiktok app or the user.


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