Tiktok repost button, as complained and ranted by many users on social media, has reportedly been removed from the app. Users have reacted in what seems to a be crying manner, yearning to get it back. But is the tiktok repost button ever going to return? 

TikTok users reacting on twitter to the removal of repost button

Tiktok, in its brief journey of the Internet, has evolved a lot. Periodic testing of features to improve user engagement across the app has been a common practice at Tiktok. Although the users of Tiktok react in different ways individually to each such testing feature, a common predilection for some highly engaging features, like Titkok repost, grants those features a permanent place in the app . One such potential feature was repost.

Tiktok repost button was available for users to under the Share option. Instead of sharing the video on social media, with repost button, users could share the video back to their followers. Consequently, the videos that triggered a deep emotional response from the viewers garnered tons of reposts making them viral in a matter of hours. Repost button, essentially, was a catalyst that could skyrocket the reach for videos that brought quick engagements.

What Does Repost Mean On TikTok?

Repost on TikTok means a way to share the TikTok videos presented on your feed to your followers as a gesture of appreciating good content. This way due to chain reaction, more and more users can see the reposted TikTok and that’s usually one of the ways how TikTok videos go viral.

Reposting on TikTok will send that particular TikTok on the feeds of all your followers. They will be shown the TikTok that you reposted on their feed.

Tiktok User’s Reaction To Repost Removal

Repost button, according this TechCrunch article, was merely a test carried out by Tiktok. It was said to be a Tiktok equivalent to Twitter’s retweet. On twitter, users can retweet interesting tweets to their followers in a bid to spread the words that they want their followers to read.

TikTok users reacting on twitter to the removal of repost button

However, the now unbearably missed tiktok repost button was not available for users to push in every tiktok video on the app. The tiktok repost button did not find a spot in videos listed under the discover tab or those sent to users in their DMs. The repost button was armed only to the videos on user’s feed, that the tiktok algorithm pushed based on its AI. So it would make sense to say that Tiktok only wanted to test how good their algorithm was in sending you videos. Higher repost percentage could attribute for a precise feed algorithm.

Maybe the purpose of the repost button has now come to an end. Maybe the algorithm is now mature and learned enough about the users to eliminate the need for a repost button.

Why Did TikTok Remove Repost Button?

Testing new features is a common protocol for social media apps. Repost button was one such experimental feature that must have run its course. Most of the times new features that are a hit among users, stay for good. The results of this testing could have yielded a conclusion that probably lead to TikTok discontinuing the feature.

Is The Repost Button Coming Back?

The users are definitely screaming for the repost button on social media. But any official word from Tiktok is yet to make the grounds. In this TechCrunch article, a spokesperson from Tiktok said “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience. Currently, we’re experimenting with a new way for people to share TikTok videos they enjoy.”

TikTok users reacting on twitter to the removal of repost button

It is difficult to figure out what this means for the Tiktok users. Speaking objectively, algorithms can never figure out human behaviour in its entirety. Every day, humans evolve in the way they think, analyze and take decisions. While the return of TikTok repost button seems like a tough call to make for us right now, something probably better definitely awaits for the TikTok users ahead. Or is TikTok going to limit the creator’s reach like Instagram to build their revenue model of ads? I guess we will wait and see.

Can You Get Back The Repost On TikTok?

Tiktok users have been secretly obsessed with the repost feature and it is showing now. It has not been 2 full weeks since tiktok removed the repost button, and I’m already seeing people trying to find some technical hack to turn it back on. The sad truth my friends, is that it is not possible to turn on repost on TikTok. However, there’s could be a way for some people to hold on to the tiktok repost button for a little longer.

Changes in any app is usually followed after an app update. Any addition or withdrawal of a feature as big as repost will most likely demand an app update. Hence, the users who still have the repost button in their tiktok app and choose to keep it for some more time, can avoid updating the tiktok app and continue to use the old version with the tiktok repost button. Although, this might or might not work for everyone but it is surely worth a try.

How To Get Repost On TikTok?

If you’re able to keep the tiktok repost button by dodging the app update, use the below steps for how to repost a video on tiktok.

  1. Open Tiktok
  2. Move to “For You” feed
  3. Tap on “Share” TikTok that you like
  4. Tap on the “Repost” button

How To Delete Repost On TikTok?

Sometimes you might change your mind and want to unshare the reposts you did a while back. Here’s how to delete Tiktok reposts in a simple way.

  1. Open the TikTok video you want to repost
  2. Tap on Share option
  3. Select “remove repost”
  4. Again select “remove” when a pop up is displayed

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