Instagram comments are one of the few factors that indicate engagement rate for Instagram posts. Brands and content creators on Instagram thrive on these comments for establishing a wider reach. Due to this, content is usually focused on receiving more and more comments and tags.

Spammy contests often provoke users to tag friends from Instagram for prizes and rewards. Privacy takes a toll when you get tagged on a post that you find irrelevant. But there’s little you do about people you know tagging you excessively on different Instagram posts. Removing the tag from Instagram comments is what you must want do to treat your growing frustration.

If you profile is open, it could very well appear in the Instagram explore page and easy to access for anyone. This way your handle can receive random tags from people you might not know.

Regulate Your Tagging Privacies On Instagram

Before I tell you how to untag yourself from Instagram comments, I want to offer you a permanent solution. If you did not know yet, Instagram allows you to control your privacy and put a limit to the people who can tag you on Instagram.

Since you are already here trying to untag yourself from comments, it is fair to assume that your current privacy settings have no restrictions whatsoever in terms of people who can tag your handle on Instagram.

  • Open profile feed on Instagram
  • Tap on the 3 lines at top right corner
  • Select “Settings”
  • Open Privacy>>Mentions
  • Change to “People You Follow” Or “No One”

Using the above series of steps, you allow only the people you follow to tag your handle in Instagram stories, posts or comments. No one else will be able to tag you anywhere on Instagram.

While I totally vouch for keeping a private environment for yourself on social media, this could be counterproductive for brands. It is imperative to know what people are talking about your brand and letting them tag you in places says a lot about your image as a brand on Instagram.

How To Remove Tag From Instagram Comments?

Apparently, if you have been mentioned in a comment by someone on Instagram there is nor easy one click button method for you to remove the tag from that comment. The straightforward way to go about this is reaching out to the concerned person and asking them to remove the tag from comment.

However, there is a possibility that they won’t be as responsive and kind about your request. In which case you can report the comment and the person. You could even ask for some help and have your friends/family report them too. Upon enough reports, Instagram is bound to take the request into consideration and remove the comment in its entirety.

To tackle harassers who would continue to tag you repeatedly, you could simply block them. Once you block a user on Instagram, they are restricted from finding your profile or handle in any manner.

How To Untag Yourself From Instagram Photos?

Removing your tag from a photo is fairly easier and a simple process as opposed to removing the tag from comments.

  • Open your Instagram profile feed
  • Swipe right to open Tagged photos
  • Open the photo you are tagged in
  • Tap on the 3 dots in top right corner
  • Select “Post Options”
  • Tap on “Remove me from post”

Now you have successfully removed your tag from the photo. Alternatively you could also just remove the tagged post from appearing on your profile feed without removing the tag itself.

After step 5 when you click post options, select “Remove from profile”. This is remove the particular post from your profile but keep the tag intact. Depending on your convenience you can choose to do things with you being tagged on Instagram. If you have personal profile I would recommend to keep the privacy mode of mentions to people you follow only.


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