With a full range of products like iPhone, iPad, Macbook and many more, Apple provides a homogenous environment for all the products to communicate. This communications brings a great deal of convenience. But sometimes, the same communication brings annoyance too. Like, in this case when you will find that you iPad, iPod, Macbook and anything Apple will start to ring as soon as you get a call on your iPhone.

In this article, we will talk about why your iPad rings when you a get a call on iPhone and how to stop phone calls on iPad and other apple devices.

Why Does My iPad Rings When iPhone Rings?

As we discussed, Apple is a home to products which are like family members to each other. To ease the communication between devices, Apple in its system update has introduced Continuity. The major objective of Apple with the Continuity is to facilitate a smooth & synchronous user experience across all its devices.

Your iPad rings when your iPhone rings, because “Calls on Other Devices” is active on your iPhone. This is a system feature that allows other apple devices connected under the same iCloud account, to imitate the activities of your iPhone, for example phone call.

Now it is a straight forward process if you want to stop iPad and Mac from ringing when iPhone rings. There are two ways to do it. One way is to use

How To Stop iPad From Ringing When You Get Call?

To stop your iPad from getting calls, just go to the Settings>>Facetime & Turn Off Calls From iPhone.

How To Stop Mac From Ringing When You Get Call?

Mac is no different from iPad. In fact, phones call on mac have saved me on numerous occasions as my iPhone was kept in another room plugged to charge. Although, it can be a troubled affair too. In times, when your mac is borrowed by a friend or family member, they will be able to see all the calls received in that duration.

So, it becomes useful to know how to turn off Mac ringing.

To stop your Mac from ringing when iPhone rings, Open Face Time and select Preferences. Untick the option “Calls from iPhone”.

ipad rings when iphone rings

How To Stop Other Devices Ringing When iPhone Gets Call?

Alternatively, you can control all of this from your iPhone itself. This is a much more central way to regulate calls on your iPad, Mac and other devices. Instead of switching it ON/OFF on other devices every time, you can switch them all together from your iPhone. Once turned Off, no incoming calls will be flashed on iPad or Mac.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down to “Phone”
  3. Select “Calls from Other Devices”
  4. Toggle the button to turn OFF
ipad rings when iphone rings

From iPhone it is even possible to allow one of the devices to continue receiving the calls and keep others turned off. When you open the “Calls on Other Devices” and it is turned ON, all the devices where it is ON will be listed. You can individually turn them OFF/ON as per your need.


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